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Shimiyaei Naft Gostar Co. (SNG)

established on July 1997 under registration No 132202 in Tehran as an affiliated company of Oil Industry Investment Co. with the intention of erecting an oilfield chemical manufacture plant, to fulfill all needs of Iranian oilfields and refining industry for chemical application. 
Before establishing of this company the Iranian petroleum industry has operated for almost 90 years, and relying totally on foreign imports to satisfy all their requirements for oilfield chemicals.

The performance of SNG and its products are highly regarded by Iranian oil companies, especially as SNG is a wholly owned Iranian company, and now beginning to export its drilling additives to other oil producing countries. 
The second phase of operations, which was to extend the manufacture knowledge and technical applications knowledge, to oilfield chemicals used in the production and export of crude oil, was begun in late 2002 with considerable progress in this area, and now supplying production oilfield chemicals, manufactured in the Ahwaz SNG plant, to both onshore and offshore operations of NIOC. 

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